Steel City Sorcery presents: Profanatica, Demonomancy, Hagzissa

Montag, 18. November 2019, 20:30 - 23:50

Let’s start a week with utter darkness and blasphemy!

the iconoclasts, PROFANATICA are both black metal legends and defiant
of such concepts of „legendary.“ As one of earliest American black metal
bands, during the dark ’n‘ bloody days of the early 1990s, PROFANATICA
set out upon a course of utter blasphemy and barbaric primitivism, then
retreated into the shadows as a cult icon, only to be resurrected years
later once the black metal scene had finally caught up with their
invention/degradation. When they returned, with Profanatitas de
Domonatia in 2007, the signature PROFANATICA sound was firmly in place,
and yet masters Paul Ledney and John Gelso continued to challenge
themselves and push this pulsing primitivism to uncharted waters of sin
’n‘ sickness. Three years later, Disgusting Blasphemies Against God
pushed the envelope even further, and yet three more years again, 2013’s
Thy Kingdom Cum climaxed all over that envelope. Now, with The Curling
Flame of Blasphemy, PROFANATICA have gone back to the beginning while
re-imagining their signature sound in the subtlest and yet
somehow-most-powerful way.

such, Demonomancy is the sublimation of primitive human impulses
morphed into aural spears that suffocate consciousness in a perennial
leprous embrace. Corrosive verses burn superficial organic tissues,
revealing the pulsating flesh exposed in its primordial obscenity. In
this atoning pilgrimage, the unbearable guilt gives birth to inner
demons that lacerate the mendacious drape covering our hidden and
irrational world. „We praise the morbid and forbidden Bestiality to be
rejoined with our primeval dimension,“ state the band. „We praise the
diseased and torbid Spirit bounded by the mortal coil’s festering
chains. The body is merely a monumental epitaph. Metal of Death –
Methodical Chaos.“

Black Metal band HAGZISSA has been founded in 2016 to wander on the
path of ancient black oaths, following the footsteps of old erudite
scholars like Mortuary Drape or Master’s Hammer, yet not without trying
to take a step beside. The four-piece aims to allure the masses into
joining their outrageous dance of lunacy which will be appreciatedly
resonating with worshippers of Katharsis and GISM alike.

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